With our sophisticated strategic alliances, we can deliver fully compliant contract solutions to virtually any country in the world

We build trusted partnerships with our contractors over time, encouraging loyalty by offering a wide range of opportunities and a smooth end to end process. Whether requirements centre around specialism, niche skills or high-volume recruitment, we are able to provide skills where they are needed most. Operating globally across a range of industry sectors, our contract solution maximises flexibility, cost and speed and gives access to the best talent.

The engagement of contractors creates a flexible workforce that can be easily scaled to meet resource peaks. Key benefits of contract recruitment include:

Flexibility – contractors are more versatile than permanent members of staff and can be hired for a specific project or period of time

Quality – our industry experts ensure that we can put teams in place that match exact requirements to meet project deliverables with no downtime

Cost – use of a contract workforce can help to manage and reduce spend

Speed – we can supply brilliant people at short notice. We proactively engage with the world’s best contractors to ensure we always deliver the best talent available.

Case Study

eVTOL contract project

Our client is changing the world through electric regional mobility. We have supported 30+ contract positions so far in a specific project to get their first aircraft certified. Contractors are based remotely in multiple countries and skillsets supplied range from aerodynamics and structures through to electric powertrain and propulsion. The term ‘needle in a haystack’ is frequently used and requirements revolve around very niche skills and very specific toolsets.